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Pure Irish linen is an elegant workhorse of a fabric, so your Ardea Prime products will serve you for many years. There are just a few things you should know to keep your linens looking and performing at their best.


Irish linen can be machine-laundered in warm or hot water and with ordinary detergent. Be sure to wash your white linen items separately from colored things.

Many detergents contain optical brightening agents (OBAs) which are dyes that cause fabrics to appear brighter. OBAs do so by converting ultraviolet to visible light. An objection to OBAs is that they can cause uneven brightness. Also, some people are allergic to these chemicals. There is no evidence that OBAs harm linen, but, all things considered, you may wish to choose a dye-free detergent.


Linen resists stains very well unassisted, but if bleach does become necessary, use oxygen bleach. Above all, please do not use chlorine bleach on linen.


Linen can be machine-dried warm or hot, or air-dried on a line. (Hanging linen items in sunshine is great!) If you use an automatic dryer, you’ll get good results with little care if you remove your linens while they’re slightly damp, then allow them to air-dry flat.


Linen irons easily if it’s somewhat damp, but with difficulty if the fabric is completely dry. Use a hot setting with steam.

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