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We are accustomed to seeing old products and old methods give way to faster, better, cheaper. Cell phones, micro-surgical techniques and fuel-efficient cars, for instance. Such innovations bring us benefits we wouldn’t want to do without.

But for some things, the old standards remain unchallenged — a gold wedding band, a dozen roses, a crystal goblet.

In the case of table linens, pure Irish double damask is and has been the gold standard among textiles. It holds that best-in-class position today for the same reasons it has for hundreds of years. No other material offers its combination of qualities. Tablecloths and napkins of Irish double damask are soft and smooth to the touch, and their fine surface makes them shimmer in light, a perfect complement to fine china and crystal, good food and good company.

As beautiful as they are, they are also serviceable, laundering well, becoming softer with time and use. They endure, often passing to children or grandchildren.

Although the looms that produce this extraordinary fabric are modern, the delicacy of the extremely fine yarn selected for double damask linen places limits on how fast it can be woven. The weft yarns are beaten into the weave to make a dense, thick fabric with a satin surface.

Ardea Prime tablecloths, napkins and place mats are made exclusively of white double damask linen, either un-patterned or in a Jacquard fine scroll design. If your size is not shown in the following pages, please contact us and we will furnish a quotation.

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