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A warm duvet enclosed in a beautiful, easily laundered Irish linen cover is surely the most convenient way to top a bed. The covered duvet serves as a top sheet and an insulating layer in one. Since the duvet is protected by the linen cover, a top sheet isnít necessary, and the duvet will rarely if ever need to be cleaned.

A duvet normally doesnít tuck in below the mattress, so it readily conforms to your body during sleep and so gives you maximum comfort. The button opening at the foot of the duvet cover allows the duvet to slip out, and the cover then goes into the wash along with the rest of your bed linens. Making the bed in the morning is as simple as giving the covered duvet a single shake to level it out on the bed. Toss a couple of European pillow shams on top of your "working" pillows, and the job is done.

Change your duvet to suit the season; your Irish linen duvet cover is right year-round. One of linenís best talents is absorbing moisture and passing it to the atmosphere, so itís the perfect choice for bedding. As with other Ardea Prime bed linens, your duvet cover will improve with age and use, becoming softer and more lustrous.

We make duvet (comforter) covers for almost all standard bed sizes in North America, the U.K., and the rest of Europe, but weíll be happy to work with you on a special size. Please let us know what you have in mind.

Duvet covers in Irish linen
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