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Why Linen?
Linenís qualities set it apart from other fibers and make it a superior choice for table and bed linens. Hereís why.

Handle linen.The fabric has a great texture or hand. It has more substance than cotton and is cool to the skin. Getting between linen sheets at the end of a long day and feeling linen pillowcases against your face is one of lifeís great luxuries!

Look at linen and youíll notice a special luster. Itís because of the twist in the fibers. White linen is brilliantly white for the same reason. Whether used in a set of pillow shams on the bed or double damask table linens in the dining room, the difference is apparent.

Listen to linen. Linen rustles. Its textural character makes starch unnecessary.

Live with linen. Linen lasts through many, many washings. In fact, unlike other fibers, linen actually becomes more durable when it's wet, so it endures the rigors of machine laundering very well. This makes linen an exceptional value.

If you already enjoy Irish linen in your bedroom or at your table, you are familiar with the qualities of this special fabric and you understand that none of the foregoing description really does it justice.

Linen has been a preferred textile for some 5,000 years. It is truly a natural aristocrat, yet there's nothing slick or pretentious about it. Linen is at once luxurious and serviceable -- dignified and easy-going.

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