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Crisp, cool Irish linen is the ideal fabric for pillowcases. It feels great against the skin, it absorbs moisture, and it performs exceptionally well in the wash because of its unique wet strength, so it lasts and lasts.

In designing and tailoring pillowcases we like to pay close attention to details. You will find our corners to be neat, seams straight and strong, and hems broad and good-looking. Take your choice among popular standard sizes, and between two types of end openings: open and housewife.

An open pillowcase is, as the name suggests, a simple case, open at one end. A seam runs along one side and the closed end. The hem at the opening is four inches wide, matching those of our top sheets. Open style cases are sized to allow approximately four inches length beyond the pillow for which they’re sized.

A housewife case is made with overlapping layers at the opening, arranged like an envelope with its flap tucked inside. Seams run along both long edges. Housewife pillowcases are tailored for an all-around close fit over the pillow.

Depending on your design preferences for a finished bed, the pillows you sleep on can either be protected and concealed during the day by a bedspread, or hidden under other pillows fitted with pillow shams.

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Pillowcases in Irish linen
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